News National ABC cracks massive Chinese market

ABC cracks massive Chinese market

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The ABC has won landmark rights to broadcast content from its Australia Network to the entire Chinese population.

The Chinese government has given the broadcaster access more extensive than any other Western broadcaster.

The network is expected to announce the deal today, signing a formal agreement on May 4, The Age reports.

The content, which includes Q&A, will be distributed through a web portal and broadcast on Chinese television.

The decision follows Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit to China last week, which also brought closer military relations between the two nations.

BBC and CNN are the only other broadcasters in China, but their rights are much more limited, with content mainly screening in diplomatic compounds or international hotels. 

The decision comes as a welcome surprise following recent turmoil surrounding the government’s decision to potentially cut funding to the Australia Network.

The amount of censorship the ABC content will receive remains unknown.