News National AFP abandons Schapelle Corby interview probe

AFP abandons Schapelle Corby interview probe

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has dropped its Schapelle Corby proceeds of crime investigation.

The Sydney offices of Channel Seven were raided by the AFP last month as part of an investigation into whether Corby had sold her story of imprisonment to the network.

The AFP has now issued a statement saying that investigation has ended because the likelihood of Corby being paid for an interview has changed.

It says Indonesian authorities have stated publicly that any paid interview would be a serious breach of Corby’s parole conditions and could land her back in jail.

“This decision does not mean that the original concerns that initiated the investigation were not well founded,” the AFP said in a statement.

The statement says the AFP is returning all documents taken from Channel Seven.

Mercedes Corby and Channel Seven are suing the AFP over the raids last month, claiming it should never have been authorised.