News National Abbott a ‘one-term’ PM? No, Shorten’s just ‘very cocky’

Abbott a ‘one-term’ PM? No, Shorten’s just ‘very cocky’

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Tony Abbott says Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is “cocky” for calling him a potential one-term prime minister.

Speaking after arriving in Davos for the World Economic Forum, Mr Abbott said he didn’t want to speculate about Mr Shorten’s declaration that he could be a “oncer” PM.

But he couldn’t resist a swipe at the oppositional leader and attempted to turn up the heat on Labor by calling for them not to block the repeal legislation for the carbon and mining taxes.

Asked about Mr Shorten’s comments, made last week in an interview to mark 100 days as Labor leader, Mr Abbott told Australian reporters in Switzerland: “I’m just not going to engage in that kind of speculation.

“He seems very cocky, doesn’t he, for someone who’s only been in the job for a few months.”

Mr Abbott says he is confident the “toxic” carbon and mining taxes will be repealed by the time Australia hosts the G20 summit in November.

And he’s called on the opposition to co-operate with the reforms.

“We’ve had a bit of talk from the Labor party about it, wanting to say yes about sensible reforms,” Mr Abbott said on Tuesday.

“I say to the Labor Party and its leader, if you’re serious about co-operating, if you’re serious about strengthening our economy and delivering on jobs, show it.

“… and the best way to show it is by allowing the carbon tax and the mining tax repeal legislation to pass through the senate.”

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