News National Social media’s #heatwave melt down

Social media’s #heatwave melt down

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Social media is a tool used by the emergency services to keep people informed about the progress of fires and the stifling heat which is bringing south-eastern Australia to its knees.

But it is also a way for people to share their experiences of the heat, sometimes with humorous results.

While some people have been warned on social media to keep their fluids up and stay out of the sun by everyone from state governments and energy companies to every stranger with a Twitter account, some have used the platforms to share their experiences of the heat.

While people were warned to stay cool, they also offered a helping hand to the local animals.

Or tried to hide as best they could. Pets took advantage of the  air-conditioning.

Wildlife had to get more creative.

Protecting live stock is an essential and difficult task, as Instagram user @KCfromAustcrime explains: Guessing everybody banging on about loving the heat isn’t desperately trying to keep livestock alive…

No air con? Totally fine. This self-proclaimed science geek used it as an opportunity to do some washing and improvise an evaporative cooler.

The heat is also an excuse to have delicious frozen treats.



Of course exercise was not an option. Unless you are a tennis player or watching at the Australian Open.

A lot of people were drinking water, and posting about it. Stay hydrated Australia.

At times it seemed like everyone was at the beach.

At least one person got into The New Daily’s Greig Johnston’s tips for dealing with the heatwave with a cold flannel.

And for once, the rest of Australia was envious of Darwin’s (relative) cool.