News National Mystery Australian in Dublin sent home

Mystery Australian in Dublin sent home

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The mystery woman who sparked an international appeal in Ireland for information on her identity is now travelling back to Australia.

The Irish High Court has now ordered the 25-year-old woman be released from protective custody after she was found wandering Dublin’s streets in a distressed state on October 10.

She has since been in the care of the country’s Health Service Executive.

The court has ruled that after a psychiatric assessment it was agreed that while she did have a condition that left her vulnerable she no longer needed protection.

The court determined she was free to leave the hospital where she had been cared for.

Police have said she asked to go back to Australia and that she is being accompanied home by police officers.

It is also believed close relatives are on their way to Ireland from Australia.

Local reports also say she has friends or relatives in Tipperary, about two hours from Dublin, and she has stayed with them before.

Authorities originally believed the woman, identified in Irish media reports as Samantha Azzopardi, was a teenager and that she was a suspected victim of sex trafficking.

Investigations by the ABC have found that during the past three years she has spent time on the Gold Coast in Queensland and the Blue Mountains.

Using different identities, she has been taken in by families with connections to Christian churches.

The woman is known to authorities in Victoria, where she recently told a similar story about child sex trafficking to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.