News Good News From pitch invaders to car rides with Carey: Here are our picks for videos of the week

From pitch invaders to car rides with Carey: Here are our picks for videos of the week

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The countdown to Christmas is on and our top videos are back.

Mariah Carey is on full blast – in steady rotation with that Sinatra hack Michael Bublé – on every street corner.

We are far enough into our advent calendars to confirm they were almost certainly a waste of money.

And darling, don’t panic, but Christmas is only two weeks from now.

There’s still plenty of time to prepare, but if there’s no way your post will arrive on time, best just pour a glass of eggnog and put your faith in Santa.

In the meantime, here are our picks for top videos of the week.

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How good are mash-up videos!

It’s the car ride that captivated the country this week.

Mariah Carey’s reaction in this mash-up video says it all, really.


#auspol #auspoltok #auspolitics #fyp #fypシ #fypaustralia #aussietok🇭🇲 #aussietok #scottmorrison #scomo #foryou

♬ original sound – theentitledmillennial

Hugo’s a good boy

We should’ve listened to Derek Zoolander: It turns out being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking has its perks and privileges.

Just ask Hugo the Malamute.

 Celeste the ‘Sk8er girl’

Aussie comedian Celeste Barber never fails to give us a good giggle.

This time, Celeste took her moves to the streets. Clad head-to-toe in protective gear, we reckon she replicated this rollerskating routine pretty well.

Or, at least better than we would have.

This could get prickly

The Bathurst 1000 came screeching to a halt this week when an echidna headed down to check out the action.

A safety car was even deployed to escort the spiky intruder off the tracks.

“What an Australian reason for a safety car.” Indeed.

Stay safe, bud!

Sam lays down the law

This week, Aussie soccer star Sam Kerr showed a pitch intruder who’s boss.

When the soccer fan pulled out his phone to take some shots while interrupting her team’s Champions League clash against Juventus, Kerr bumped the invader, knocking him off his feet before he was escorted off the pitch.

The move delighted fans of the Chelsea striker – but earned her a yellow card minutes before the match ended.

Noted: No intruders on Sam’s turf!

And Just Like That

Fans of the original Sex and the City lit up the internet on Thursday night after the first two episodes of its reboot aired.

No spoilers, but from the looks of their content And Just Like That did not hit the mark and left many of them disappointed in the show’s writers.

And just like that, fans are furious.

Just keep hoppin’

It turns out even birds have a bit of attitude.

But, with Pico the bird stomping around, it’s difficult for him to give off an angry vibe – he’s simply too cute!

@pico_n_ollie Angry stompy birb #iwoulddieforpico #foryoupage #birdsoftiktok #caiques ♬ original sound – Stefania Emilia

Not safe for work

Listen closely, the song says it all.

Do not try this at home.

Turn the lights out

This PhD student demonstrated how to make it ‘rain bees’.

Lights out!

The moment the lights go out is eerily similar to what happens to our personality when we leave a social situation.