News Good News From unlikely friends to charging elephants, here are our picks for videos of the week

From unlikely friends to charging elephants, here are our picks for videos of the week

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This week, the TND team has compiled a tonne of videos that we know will make you smile – and that’s a promise.

This past week has been full to the brim with nasty political moments, damning reports about Parliamentary misconduct and, oh, news about the Omicron variant. *sigh*

But, don’t forget, there was also plenty to smile about this week!

Our list of must-watch moments includes unlikely furry (and feathered) friends, and one brave pup stepping up for a rendition of Mariah Carey’s most famous tune (you know the one).

Do you have a video you want to see in next week’s compilation? Tag us on your social media platform of choice using #TNDVoW – we would love to see what you find!

Unlikely friends

We went heavy on the animal videos this week. It has revealed a bit about our social media algorithms, but we are certainly not mad about it.

These adorable and unlikely friends had us not wanting to consider: ‘What happens when he gets bigger?’

Just keep swimming

We have all had to keep ourselves sane this year, or at least tried to.

A mantra never hurts and this happy dog strikes us as a friend with a Dory attitude.

Is it the tranquil music or Butchy’s dog paddle that is making us so calm?

On a roll

Major kudos to this motorist for keeping his cool while a MASSIVE WHEEL bounded down the highway in the opposite direction.

We’re not sure what we would have done had we been in the driver’s seat.

Elephant in charge

Normally, we would be excited to see an elephant roaming the wild on safari.

But, like these tourists, we’d hate to catch an elephant – or a herd of them – on one of their bad days.

Check out the terrifying moment an elephant charged their bus.

Merry pupmas, awooo

It is December and all the shops are playing Christmas carols on repeat.

Mariah Carey has resurfaced in the public consciousness for her annual turn (along with Michael Bublé – do they exist outside of the Silly Season?)

But we would like to submit another hero of the yuletide.

Meet Willo the corgi, she has a set of pipes on her that would warm the heart of any grinch.


It’s finally appropriate to post this video right?! 😂

♬ original sound – Willo and Devon

Just shoot me

This video reminds us of the neverending search for the perfect angle.

We loved this photogenic marmot: Lights, camera, cute!

Are you sensing a loose theme to this week’s videos?


Just a normal shooting day 📸 & @m_abushakra #sony #marmots #wildlife

♬ Cancan – As des As

Train like a champion

Professional US ski jumper Logan Sankey has revealed a behind-the-scenes tutorial on how she trains for the Winter Olympics.

It actually seems kind of achievable …

We’ll see you in Beijing in 2022!


Wii Fit is the peak of training technology 💪 #olympics #skijumping

♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros

I thought you said ‘yes, do it’

This naughty kitty has selective hearing.

A clear “no” is not acting as a deterrent for Walter, all he seems to hear is: “Yes, go ahead, flick the thing.”

We did promise plenty of animal videos this week – it’s a once off.


floofy little brat #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Walter 🐅

First-ever leg day

At 45 minutes old, this foal is already finding her feet, so to speak.

It’s a feat that takes some humans more than 20 years, if we’re being honest with ourselves.

He’ll be trotting around and moving out of home in no time.

Shear me!

We loved watching Penelope the sheep getting a well-deserved shear this week.

This YouTuber said, she was found wandering the streets of Houston, lugging around way too much fleece.

Penelope’s haircut reminds us of Gloria the sheep, who shed 20 kilograms in a post-lockdown haircut thanks to the RSPCA.

Fish rescue

Clarence the goldfish found himself in a spot of trouble when he sampled (read: nibbled on) some of the new plants in his tank.

Luckily, his owner saw he was struggling, and came to the rescue.

Just keep swimming, Clarence!

‘What don’t you listen to?!’

In case you have been hiding under a rock – or you’re one of those people who uses the fruity competition – this week has been all about the music streaming Wrap.

This TikToker has perfectly summed up how we think the revelation of our superior taste in music should be received by our peers.

Music connoisseur comes to mind, but we don’t hate “renaissance man” either.