News Good News Dad inserts kids into dangerous settings, with hilarious results

Dad inserts kids into dangerous settings, with hilarious results

Kenny Deuss posted a behind-the-scenes video to his Instagram account. Source: @onadventurewithdad
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Tired of being asked to prove his parenting skills to his working missus, a dad has taken his protest to Photoshop.

Sound and light engineer Kenny Deuss lives in Antwerp, Belgium with his girlfriend and their two small children, Alix (2) and Aster (seven months).

When her maternity leave ended, Deuss’s girlfriend was unsettled about leaving three-month-old Alix at home.

Like many working mums in the digital age, she started requesting regular updates.

Deuss told The New Daily her uncertainty about his parental skills sparked an idea.

“Every Tuesday it’s my turn to watch the kids, so my girlfriend regularly asks for a photo to see if the kids are OK.

“This is when I decided to do something fun with it.”

Fed up with being asked to prove the baby was safe, Kenny had an idea.

And the results are hilarious.

He began photoshopping Alix, and later Aster, into dangerous scenarios.

He would then send the images to their mum to freak her out.

Perhaps the infant would be kidnapped by a seagull at the beach, or float away attached to a helium balloon while no one was paying attention.

Kenny sent the pics to mum to freak her out. Photo: Instagram/@onadventurewithdad

To share the joke, Deuss started posting the pictures to Instagram account @onadventurewithdad. 

“In my pictures I like to make fun of the misconceptions that dads can’t take care of their children that well,” he told TND.

“So there are so many situations in which I can make a funny picture where it looks like I’m having some crazy adventures with my kids.”

And surprisingly, in the age of internet trolls, he has never received negative feedback.

Would mum believe dad could be so irresponsible? Photo: @onadventurewithdad

“There rarely is someone who doesn’t appreciate the humour, but never in an extreme way like you would expect from some negative-minded people on the internet,” he said.

During the pandemic, the family has spent even more time at home together working on content.

And young Alix is a big fan of being in front of the camera. Her dad said she “loves to be a model”.

But how does he think of ideas?

Deuss said most of his creations are inspired by everyday life situations and sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

The children’s mother has a social media channel called @safewithmum, and regularly writes comments to prove she is the responsible parent.

Yes, mum. Young Alix should not be lighting her cigars. Photo: Instagram

Watch: The making of

In April, Kenny posted a one-off, behind-the-scenes video to his account, advising his 407,000 followers all they would need to recreate an image was “a tripod and a fishing rod”.

Want to play a practical joke on your co-parent or in-laws?

For a fee, Kenny will photoshop your kids into dangerous situations too.