News Good News From meerkat pups to the Met Gala: Here are the best and brightest viral videos of the week

From meerkat pups to the Met Gala: Here are the best and brightest viral videos of the week

Watch: TND’s top 10 viral videos of the week.
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Falling cats and failing handshakes were among the most watched clips online this week, and The New Daily is here for it.

Yep! It has been a doozy for viral videos, and in case you were taking a hiatus from screen time, we have gathered up some of the best for your viewing pleasure.

These short visual stimulants from all over the world have evoked a range of reactions.

You may find yourself sighing in aww, cringing at the awkward and even covering your mouth with a whispered “Oh my!”

Please enjoy this compilation of cute animals, alarming escapades and feel good moments from the week that was.


Need to get your heart rate up but can’t be bothered getting off the couch? First of all, please note the proven benefits of walking, but if that fails – watch this!

Feeling cute, might eat you later

Taronga Zoo Sydney launched a live-stream of their little big cats this week. And goodness, aren’t these five-week old lion cubs adorable? Almost want to reach in for a cuddle, but keep in mind those big, nasty, teeth.

Hellooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaales

Do you speak whale? The crew over at Sapphire Coastal Adventures just might. They came across more than 100 humpback whales and watched them feed on fish. Lucky for us, they caught the incredible experience on tape and shared it online.


Don’t you hate it when you forget someone’s name? US President Joe Biden experienced a memory lapse at an inopportune time this week. He was thanking his new partners in the AUKUS pact and called our PM Scott Morrison “pal”.

Dutton hits a ‘funny bone’

Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton continued this week’s streak of political awkward moments. When meeting with South Korean Defence Minister Suh Wook, Mr Dutton failed to realise Mr Wook was raising his arm hoping for an ‘elbow bump’ in return (very COVIDSafe). Mr Dutton raised his fist to mirror Mr Wook, only to realise his mistake. Luckily no one could spot a red face under his face mask!

Hot, like a sunrise

One of Australia’s favourite couples is making a comeback – and the romance is as hot as ever. AAMI re-united Rhonda and Ketut for a vaccination drive and things are getting sun-glasses-tan steamy.

Is that my voice?

British actress Emily Blunt was the victim of a light-hearted ribbing this week, with a TikToker giving her Met Gala appearance a bit of a make-over, oh sorry, that’s voice-over.

Caught horsing around

Imagine you’re halfway through your chicken parma and pint of beer at the pub when you realise you are joined at the table by … a pair of horses? That’s exactly what happened this week at an Adelaide pub, really driving that joke home that Adelaide is just one big country town.

Bulging what?

ABC sports presenter Tony Armstrong left his breakfast co-hosts giggling this week when he had an embarrassing slip-of the tongue. When discussing Australian cricket skipper Tim Paine’s upcoming neck surgery to address his bulging disc, Armstrong accidentally shared a different four-letter word starting with the letter ‘d’, far more X-rated than intended – and with hilarious results.

Vigilante goat saves the day

Bruin the goat has been dubbed a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) after saving his chicken mate from a hungry hawk in the Netherlands. In the thrilling video, a hawk is seen swooping down, intent on grabbing its dinner. Bruin the goat bravely stomps on over and wrangles the chicken out of its mouth, leaving his owners, the chickens and the hawk in awe.