News Good News Don’t worry. Be happy! This year’s funniest wildlife photos revealed

Don’t worry. Be happy! This year’s funniest wildlife photos revealed

wildlife comedy
Finalists for an award celebrating the joy of wildlife have been unveiled. Photo: Axel Bocker/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
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Do virus restrictions have you in need of a laugh?

Well, the funniest animal photos of the year could be your answer.

The finalists of the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been unveiled, with 42 images in the running for the top prize in 2021.

The competition focuses on the lighter side of wildlife photography with the aim of promoting wildlife conservation through humour.

This year, the competition is supporting the Save Wild Orangutans campaign, an initiative to protect wild orangutans in and around Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo.

The winners will be announced on October 22.

Mr Giggles

Comedy wildlife
Photo: Martina Novotna/

Photographer Martina Novotna snapped this baby grey seal relaxing on the rocky beach at Ravenscar, North Yorkshire after hours.

The seal pup came onto the shore for a sleep on its chosen rock.

Occasionally, it would stretch and yawn, and it was one of these yawns that led to the above expression, as if the seal was giggling.


Comedy wildlife photograph awards
Photo: Ken Jensen/

UK photographer Ken Jensen captured this golden silk monkey from Yunnan, China in what looked to be a very uncomfortable position.

Jensen’s shot description says it was actually a show of aggression.

The Flautist

Comedy wildlife photo awards
Photo: Roland Kranitz/

A piece of grass, or a tiny flute?

This shot from photographer Roland Kranitz captures a rodent in Hungary appearing to play a song while eating.

Dancing Away to Glory

Photo: Sarosh Lodhi/

Photographed by Sarosh Lodhi at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India, this langur appears to be in a world of its own while its family scours for food.

The young monkey is seen swaying its body to give the impression that it is dancing.

Operatic warm-ups

Comedy wildlife photo awards
Photo: Lea Scaddan/

The only Australian entries this year came from photographer Lea Scaddan.

Among the finalists are her photographs of a kangaroo’s stretch in Operatic warm-ups (pictured above), and of two western grey kangaroos fighting in Missed.

Australian photographer Mark Fitzpatrick won last year’s award, which featured a turtle appearing to give the camera the finger.

Monday Morning Mood

Comedy wildlife photo awards
Photo: Andrew Mayes/

Not a morning person? Neither is this pied starling.

Perched in a tree at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa, this angry bird was captured staring down the lens of Andrew Mayes’ camera.

Chinese whispers

Comedy wildlife photo awards
Photo: Jan Piecha/

German photographer Jan Piecha caught a glimpse of the critters whispering behind your back.

The photo shows little raccoon cubs appearing to tell secrets to each other in a tree at Kassel, Germany while they wait for their mother.

You can find all the finalists here.