News Good News Daring bear behind neighbourhood blackout

Daring bear behind neighbourhood blackout

bear power outage arizona
The stranded bear was eventually encouraged to climb down from the pole, and power could be restored. Photo: Facebook
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A bear in the US state of Arizona has emerged unscathed from quite the power trip when it became stuck high up a utility pole.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, a utility company based in the southern Arizona city of Willcox, was notified on Monday morning (local time) that a bear was tangled in power pole wires on the outskirts of town.

Werner Neubauer, a company lineman, said power was immediately disabled so the animal would not get electrocuted.

Mr Neubauer then went up in a bucket lift and used a two-metre fibreglass stick to try to nudge the bear to go down. He even tried talking to it.

“I think I told him I was gonna help him get down the pole,” Neubauer said.

“I know he couldn’t understand me. But it did get his attention.”

After grabbing and biting the stick a few times, the bear eventually climbed down and ran off into the desert.

According to Mr Neubauer, there were no injuries, and the power outage, which affected residential customers, lasted only about 15 minutes.

Customers were reportedly understanding after learning the reason for the outage.

In a Facebook post, the power company said electricity had been disrupted by “a young black bear who mistook one of our utility poles for a tree”.

It is the second time in a month that a bear has been spotted in a southern Arizona city.

Bear sightings in the area have become more common in recent weeks as the weather warms.

“While sightings this week are routine, remember bears are shy but curious,” local wildlife officers said last month.

“Face forward, stand tall, yell, throw non-lethal objects and wave arms if bears get too close.”

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