News Good News Hollywood’s breast prank? Six arrested over ‘boob’ stunt

Hollywood’s breast prank? Six arrested over ‘boob’ stunt

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Six people have been arrested after draping a large B over the iconic Hollywood sign. A piece of cleverly placed white plank on the D and voila! Welcome to HOLLYBOOB.

But there could be more to the stunt than just an immature joke.

TMZ  is speculating the prank was to raise awareness for breast cancer, as February is National Cancer Prevention Month in the US.

The celeb news outlet has also reported one of the six arrested is model Julia Rose, who’s best known for flashing a baseball player in the national finals in 2019.

But that stunt not only got Rose banned from all baseball games for the foreseeable future, it also skyrocketed her lads’ magazine ShagMag into the national conscience.

Considering there’s photos of Rose posing in a ShagMag shirt in front of the HOLLYBOOB sign, it was probably more a business move than a noble cause.

The famous Hollywood sign was put up in 1923 as an advertisement for real estate – it originally read Hollywoodland, a promo installed by LA Times  publisher Harry Chandler for his luxe real estate development.

It stayed like that until 1949, when it had fallen into such disrepair that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce took ownership of the installation, repaired the first nine letters, and scrapped the last four.

It was nice and shiny for the next couple of decades, but by the late ’70s it was looking less Tinseltown and more tear-down.

Hollywood sign changed to Hollyweed
It isn’t the first time the sign has been vandalised.

Enter: Hugh Hefner. The Playboy himself organised a fundraiser among Hollywood heavyweights, with celebs like himself and Alice Cooper ‘sponsoring’ a letter each.

Hollyboob isn’t the only time it’s been vandalise (which is a crime, by the way, including trespassing on private land) – it’s also read as Holywood, Hollyweed and Oil War.