News Good News Little stay home superheroes help fix the world’s big problems

Little stay home superheroes help fix the world’s big problems

'Rainbow Man' from Staffordshire in the UK is one of 150 superheroes involved in the ZigZag Theatre project. Photo: Errenn Ball
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Explaining the complexity of the coronavirus pandemic to children is a big ask for any parent, but luckily for Jane Cole and her son, James, a small army of superheroes is on hand to help out.

“Drama lessons, swimming lessons, school — all of a sudden those things had to go,” the Gold Coast mum said.

“They did wonder why everything stopped.”

James — dressed as a green ninja — was one of 150 children from a dozen countries who starred in a video explaining the pandemic.

‘Things seem so scary’

The video, based on The Stay Home Superheroes by UK author Sophie Marsh, explains how William can help solve “a big problem” in the world by using his imagination while staying at home.

Filming it was the idea of Errenn Ball, who runs drama workshops on the Gold Coast.

“At a time when things seem so scary to them because it’s the unknown, it just gave them the ability to process the emotions through re-enacting the story and seeing now that they’re not alone in this,” Ms Ball said.

James Cole (left) says “it was awesome” to dress up for Errenn Ball’s film project.

Ms Ball posted her idea to Facebook in March and said she was overwhelmed by the response.

“Everybody at that time was looking for a way to connect, and they were looking for a way to help their children process the unprecedented time.”