News Good News Art is everywhere. Even in this German airport car park

Art is everywhere. Even in this German airport car park

Visitors could drive through the car park to take in the art works. Photo: SBS
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Are you a cultured soul who is missing the joy of meandering through an art gallery?

What if you could drive in, check out the art from the comfort of your car, and go home again without exposing yourself to the coronavirus?

The Nachtbrötchen 2.0 Drive-In Gallery at Cologne Bonn Airport delivered exactly that.

The Overhead Gallery in Münster, Part2Gallery and DJ ensemble Strandpiraten from Düsseldorf put the event together to “make art accessible” during the COVID-19 crisis.

Locked out of their usual haunts by the pandemic, these creatives are finding new ways to celebrate the connection between art and music, and using unusual spaces to do so.

The cultural scene is currently being affected by the corona crisis. Classic events, exhibitions or art fairs do not take place.

For many artists all sources of income have dried up.

“With this unconventional campaign, we want to send a sign of life from the industry and, despite adverse conditions, to make art accessible,” Dieter Nusbaum from the Overhead Gallery said of the project.

The unusual art gallery took up residence in an unused car park at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany.

Over the weekend, visitors enjoyed the exhibition’s music, light and art offerings from inside their cars, while complying with the country’s social distancing restrictions.

“The people in charge at Cologne Bonn Airport were very benevolent towards our idea and supported us actively in its implementation,” said André Schnaudt and Marc van der Spek from the Part2Gallery.

“Of course, a parking garage is not a museum or a gallery,” said Thomas Hoffmann from the Overhead Gallery, “but it may be a chance to also address visitors who would normally not go to an art exhibition.”

The exhibition showcased artworks across mediums, DJ club sounds, and light installations by the LightLife Society for Audiovisual Experiences from Cologne. 

The ‘experience’ was held over two days, with the exhibition entrance fee included in the cost of parking: €4.50 ($7.27) per hour.