News Good News Nude Czech bathers told to wear masks

Nude Czech bathers told to wear masks

Nudist Beach czech republic
Nudists in the Czech Republic been asked to wear masks in public, even if they're not wearing clothes. Photo: Czech Republic Police
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Nudists in the Czech Republic have been congratulated for covering up – their mouths.

The famous nudist ‘beach’ (it’s actually the shore of a quarry pond) at the spa town of Lázně Bohdaneč, about 90 kilometres outside of Prague, was still drawing self-isolating nude crowds.

But they weren’t all adhering to the federally enforced rule of donning a mouth and nose cover when out in public.

The rule was introduced about a month ago, with the exception of solo athletes, such as joggers.

However, it was being flouted by nudists.

Presumably because wearing a mask meant they were no longer nude.

The police had to clarify the rule with messages such as “Naked body yes, open mouth no”, and “Lying naked in the water is not what we consider to be doing sports”.

But apparently the warnings have paid off.

Police patrols through the area over the Easter weekend reported no non-mask violations.

Good work, Czechs.

-with AAP