News Good News Emu on the lam has US authorities in a fluster

Emu on the lam has US authorities in a fluster

eno emu north carolina
Officials have released a wanted poster for Eno as they continue to pursue him. Photo: Twitter
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A wayward Australian has been evading authorities in the US state of North Carolina for weeks.

Now frustrated officials in Orange County have resorted to releasing a wanted poster for Eno the emu, who remains on the run, despite a cluster of sightings.

One frightened witness described how Eno, who is said to weigh about 50 kilograms, jumped on the bonnet of their car, before running away.

Apart from that, the flightless Australian hasn’t terrorised locals or damaged property – although he has been known to trespass.

According to The New York Times, Eno – as he has been dubbed – was spotted in an Orange County backyard in June.

It is unclear who Eno belongs, but there have been several sightings of him across Orange County, particularly in the past few days.

“We are sending out a plea. Please, if this is your emu, let us know,” said Tenille Fox from Orange County Animal Services.

“We need more information about this animal and it might help with the capture.”

Animal control also had another message for locals: Don’t try to capture him yourself.

They say he’s likely scared of people and other animals, so residents should keep their distance.

“What we really need is for this emu to wander into an area that provides some sort of containment – such as natural barriers, a pasture, or some sort of fenced area,” Ms Fox said.

“If the emu is in an area like that, an animal control team can try to block the animal off even more and hopefully corral the animal without causing further stress. We worry about causing more stress in this heat.”

There are reportedly quite a few emu farms in the Orange County area, and it’s possible that Eno has escaped from one of them.