Gay farmers go naked to help raise awareness of mental health 1531298235-gay in village

1531298235-gay in village

At the time the kids were aged nine, six and four. "And they by default had to come on the journey with us," Kerry said. With the support of Kerry's former wife, life kept rolling on. "I don't remember ever sitting around with my head in my hands going, 'Oh God, what are we going to do?'" Paul said. And, Kerry said, "we weren't the only gays in the village". "We used to have a joke, because we moved to Nimbin with three boys and a hundred goats, living on the side of a mountain, that we were the most normal thing in town," he said. Greying hair and ageing bodies aside, the couple hope that by baring it all they might become the role models they didn't have. "If there's normal, average, mainstream people out there that happen to be gay, and some kid in the bush sees that person or that couple and thinks, 'Oh yeah, that's me,' then we've done our job," Paul said. Talking about mental health in regional Australia. Photo; ABC News
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