News Good News Indian fraudsters ridiculed after being paraded in ‘space suits’

Indian fraudsters ridiculed after being paraded in ‘space suits’

indian space suits
The pair claimed they worked for NASA. Photo: New Delhi Police
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A man and his son have been embarrassingly paraded in “space suits” by Indian police after they were arrested for allegedly defrauding a businessman by pretending to work for NASA.

The pair allegedly convinced the businessman to buy a copper plate for US$213,156 ($285,715), which they claimed had “special properties”, police said on Thursday.

Police told Indian media the men passed off the metal plate as a “rare piece of copper”, which they said was “struck by thunderbolt” giving the ability to attract rice.

They allegedly told their investor piece of metal could be sold to NASA and India’s space agency for around US$5.5 billion ($7.4 billion), BBC reported.

Police said the men appeared to have covered a copper plate with “liquid magnet” and iron wires in order to try to fool the businessman.

The pair were arrested after the businessman complained to the police.

Local media reported the two men were already on bail accused of selling snakes with “medicinal qualities” for more than US$25,000 ($34,000) each.

The father and son have not responded to the latest charges or commented on their public humiliation, which has attracted ridicule on social media.

It is alleged the men may have conned money out of up to 30 people across northern India.

The New Delhi businessman reportedly became suspicious when promised experiments were repeatedly called off, mainly because of bad weather.

The pair, who employed actors to wear radiation suits and staged fake tests, told would-be investors they needed money to develop the invention, detectives said.

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