News Good News King penguin chicks debut at Melbourne Aquarium

King penguin chicks debut at Melbourne Aquarium

King penguin
Three baby King Penguin chicks, with their parents, have added to the growing colony at Melbourne Aquarium. Photo: Sea Life Melbourne
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Melbourne’s own ‘royal family’ is continuing to grow with the addition of three baby King Penguin chicks at a Victorian aquarium.

The Melbourne Aquarium penguin trio, the colony’s first newborns of 2018, made their public debut on Wednesday after hatching throughout February.

It was revealed the tiny flightless birds have grown from about 200 grams each to about two kilograms as they took to the scales for their weekly health check-up.

“We’re very excited to celebrate the arrival of our three gorgeous penguin chicks,” bird manager Sarina Walsh said.

“(Their) arrivals also mark our sixth successive breeding season.”

King Penguins have one of the longest breeding cycles in the world.

The creature’s mating ritual lasts up to 16 months, resulting in penguins only breeding twice every three years.

The three chicks will continue to be cared for by the enclosure’s adult penguins until they moult into their waterproof layer of feathers as they near their first birthday.