News Good News Month-old meerkat pups emerge from den at Monarto Zoo

Month-old meerkat pups emerge from den at Monarto Zoo

Meerkat pups at Monarto Zoo
The two meerkat pups weigh just 120 grams and were born on August 16. Photo: Zoos SA
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Two meerkat pups, the first ever to be born at South Australia’s Monarto Zoo, have begun to venture out of their den for the first time.

Born on August 16 to first-time parents Eanie and Roho, the two little girls weigh just 120 grams each.

Monarto Zoo keeper Cristy Seymour said the sisters were sticking close to mum and dad but were growing in confidence every day.

“When they are born they are absolutely tiny, almost bald and their eyes aren’t open,” Ms Seymour said.

“Their playful personalities are starting to shine through as they go on adventures in their habitat under the watchful eye of their doting parents.”

Meerkat pup sunbaking at Monarto Zoo
The meerkat pups were the first to be born at Monarto Zoo. Photo: Zoos SA

The new additions have come less than a month after five meerkat pups were born at Adelaide Zoo.

Monarto Zoo has had a successful breeding season in 2017 with the recent births of two giraffe calves, five cheetah cubs, a critically endangered addax, endangered Prsewalski’s horse calf and a scimitar-horned oryx, which are extinct in the wild.