News Good News Queensland cop becomes internet heart-throb after viral selfie

Queensland cop becomes internet heart-throb after viral selfie

Constable Mason Jago
Constable Mason Jago has become an internet sensation.
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When a Queensland police officer snapped a selfie on a lost mobile phone, little did he know he was about to become the state’s next heart-throb.

The phone belonged to a grateful ABC journalist who forwarded the picture to her colleagues. Soon the humble Gatton police officer went viral.

The picture was posted on ABC Brisbane’s Facebook page and later shared by the Queensland Police Service with caption: “That’s some mighty fine police work Constable.”

The posts have reached about 370,000 people and received more than 10,000 likes.

Constable Mason Jago said he was overwhelmed with the response.

“We regularly have lost property handed in to us and I thought I would have a little bit of fun with it,” he said.

“It was the first time I’ve taken a selfie on someone’s phone and probably would never of done it had I realised it was a reporter’s phone.”

That's some mighty fine police work Constable 👍

Posted by Queensland Police Service on 2017年8月14日

Facebook users were swooning over the young officer, writing hundreds of comments below the posts.

“Wow! Can he find my phone?” Tracey Stevens commented.

“Well, Constable Mason, I wouldn’t be too distraught if your picture was on MY phone,” Tina Gizzo said.

“Good job constable, and are you single?” Jessica McMillan asked.

Constable Jago said he had a quick look at some of the comments and had to laugh at himself.

“I was really quite embarrassed,” he said.

“It was good however to allow the public to see a lighter side of police officers.”

The officer in charge of Gatton Police Station said he could not believe how lucky they were to have Constable Jago in their midst.

“If only for comedy value,” he laughed.

As for the ABC reporter, she is happy she does not have to ask her boss for a new phone.

It is not the first time police officers have gone viral for their looks and humour.

In Tasmania, the actions of two officers set the internet alight when they snapped a selfie delivering a drunk man home and babysitting him until a friend arrived.

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