News Good News Cutest marsupial pic ever makes the world smile

Cutest marsupial pic ever makes the world smile

quokka pictures goes viral
The quokka, seen leaping towards Mr Campbell. Photo: Instagram/cambojones2020
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A photograph of an Australian quokka has got the whole world smiling.

The photo, which one commentator said was a surefire way to “end depression”, was taken on Western Australia’s Rottnest Island, a native habitat for quokkas.

The snap of the quokka, a small tree-climbing wallaby, was taken by tourist Campbell Jones, 21, during a visit to the island off the south-west coast of Western Australia.

Mr Jones said he had been cycling on the island and stopped to take out his camera when the quokka approached and seemed only happy to co-operate with his photographic endeavours.

The quokka appears to wear a huge smile as it jumps towards Mr Jones’ camera.

“As I walked back to my bike, the quokka chased after me,” he told Channel Seven.

“I put down the GoPro [camera] and it jumped at me as if to say come ‘come back’.”

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The image has gone global, attracting a swarm of admirers on social media.

“This shot will end depression,” said one.

Another said: “What have you done to [make that] quokka love you so much?!”.

Quokkas have become a popular attraction for visitors to Rottnest Island which is home to about 8000 to 12,000 of the small marsupials.

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