News Good News One decade on, Yowies set to return to Australian shelves

One decade on, Yowies set to return to Australian shelves

They're back!
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The Australian alternative to the Kinder Surprise, Yowies are coming home after a decade off the shelves.

The once-popular chocolate treat was discontinued in Australia ten years ago, only to be introduced in the US in 2014 – to great success.

And according to Today Tonight, Americans have taken a great liking to the Sasquatch-like creature, derived from Aboriginal mythology and said to have lived in the Australian wilderness.

At its height during the 2000s, over one million of the chocolates – each containing a collectible figurine – were being sold each week in Australia.

And after its relaunch in the US, 110,000 Yowies are now being produced each day in a New York factory.

Business owner Wayne Loxton said he often received messages from Australians wanting to get their hands on the confectionary icon.

“I get a lot of enquires, why can Americans buy Yowies and we can’t in Australia?” Mr Loxton told Today Tonight, before revealing the treats would be available for hungry Australians “shortly”.

Watch Today Tonight‘s story below:

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