News Good News Cat uses escape claws in high-rise rescue

Cat uses escape claws in high-rise rescue

The cat was a reluctant rescuee. Photo: Facebook.
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A kitten in Singapore has used up one of its nine lives in dramatic style, after it was rescued from the outside ledge of a 12th-storey apartment.

The precarious rescue operation, in the Ang Mo Kio district, was captured on camera.

The Singapore Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) received a call from a concerned neighbour who had spotted the kitten on the outside of the building opposite his own.

Rescue officer Lee Yao Huang and two Ang Mo Kio North police offers conducted the rescue, with Mr Lee using a catch pole to anchor the kitten into the safety of the 12th-storey unit, while the police officers remained on the ground floor with an open blanket in case the kitten fell.

The kitten was quickly reunited with its relieved owner.

See the cat’s ledge rescue

The SPCA said it was a timely reminder to cat owners, particularly those in apartments, to secure windows and gates, and said the kitten’s owner had been advised on ways “to prevent the kitten from slipping out of the unit and/or falling out of the windows.

The video was posted to Facebook by the SPCA on Tuesday, which was also World Animal Day.

“World Animal Day reminds us that we can make a difference with small acts of kindness such as reporting cases of animals in distress or creating a safe home for our pets,” the SPCA wrote.

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