News Good News The Simpsons parody Trump in their own campaign ad

The Simpsons parody Trump in their own campaign ad

The ad references an earlier ad by Hillary Clinton. Photo: Supplied.
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The Simpsons have given their own take on the race for the US presidency, by posting a two-minute campaign ad asking Springfield residents whether they prefer to have Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House.

The ad references a campaign ad once famously run by Hillary Clinton which featured a phone ringing at 3am and asking Americans who they wanted leading their country during a time of crisis.

The Simpsons’ take shows the phone ringing in the White House and asks Homer and Marge: “Who do you want answering that call?”

While The Simpsons aren’t categorical in whom they’re backing, they they’re less than flattering of Trump, showing him applying spray tan and reading a book of Adolf Hitler’s greatest speeches.

Watch the Simpsons’ take on the campaign:


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