News Good News Woman ‘friends’ wrong person, ends up marrying him

Woman ‘friends’ wrong person, ends up marrying him

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A Mississippi woman who accidentally added the wrong “John Neely” has married her inadvertent Facebook friend.

The now Patsy Sutton Neely added John Neely, thinking he was the same man she went to school with decades ago.

Mr Neely turned out to be a completely different person, living 644 kilometres away in Georgia.

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Putting aside her embarrassment at the social media faux pas, Ms Sutton Neely began speaking with Mr Neely and a love affair quickly developed.

“John was always such a gentleman,” she said.

“He’d like and comment on my posts and tell me I was beautiful,” she told the UK’s Telegraph.

“We began to talk more and more. My grandson even told me to ask John on a date as he noticed we were always messaging.”

After getting to know each other on Facebook, the pair quickly moved their conversations to the phone, causing Ms Neely’s daughter Valerie to cringe at her mother’s late-night giggling.

“I wasn’t nervous at all the first time I spoke to him, we’d become such good friends that we could talk about anything,” she said.

After spending Christmas together in 2010 – Mr Neely brought a puppy as a gift – the two moved in together on Valentine’s Day 2011 and eventually married last year.

Ms Sutton Neely, who has been married twice before, said Mr Neely was the man of her dreams.

“I love our life here. We’ve got a pear tree and pecan trees and plenty of space for the dogs,” she said.

“Every day I think to myself that this is where I belong.”

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