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Introducing Sunday Best: Letter from the editor

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Dear loyal readers

We love bringing you the nation’s news every morning with our daily newsletter. Now, we want to add a little something extra to your weekend.

This Sunday we will be launching our newest edition, Sunday Best. Delivered straight to your inbox, this magazine-style edition is your guide to enjoying your weekend to its full potential. And like our Monday to Saturday editions, it is completely free.

As the editor of Sunday Best, I will be working with our journalists and contributors each week to bring you the stories and tips which can help you make the most out of your day off. Whether it’s a delicious meal, a hilarious new movie or just a great story about someone who has captured our imagination, Sunday Best will help you relax, unwind and fill your day with the sort of pleasures that will make the working week seem a world away.

Every Sunday, you can expect tips on what to watch, eat, see, do, wear, drive, read and listen to in your downtime. These tips will come from our brilliant staff writers and contributors, who bring their passion and expertise to a variety of topics including:

Former Vogue Australia editor and author Kirstie Clements on style editor-in-chief Mike Sinclair on motoring

• Gardening guru and author Meredith Kirton on gardening

If you’re already a subscriber to our regular Monday to Saturday edition, you needn’t do a thing. Just sit back and wait for Sunday Best to arrive in your inbox.

If you’re not already a six-day a week subscriber, join us in celebrating the best day of the week by signing up to receive the magazine here.

Because, let’s face it, the weekend is never long enough.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Send me an email here

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