News Good News High schoolers hit back against anti-gay protestors

High schoolers hit back against anti-gay protestors

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Anti-gay protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church were met with a massive peaceful counter protest when they attempted to picket Wilson High School in Washington on Monday.

According to The Washington Post, the high school was having a gay Pride Day in honour of their principal Peter Cahall, who last week came out to the school community.

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Members of the infamously homophobic church community arrived to rally against the value of the school community, but found that their message was drowned out by a crowd of hundreds as students fought bad with peaceful words.

The crowd of teens chanted in support of Cahall, carrying signs emblazoned with rainbows and chanting messages like “Love is love”.

Cahall bravely shared his sexuality with his students at a school event earlier this month, telling them “I turned 50, I’m tired of hiding.”

The high school protestors outnumbered Westboro Church representatives nearly 100 to one.

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