News Good News Relieved firefighter’s post-blaze selfie goes viral

Relieved firefighter’s post-blaze selfie goes viral

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Californian firefighter Tim Bergon wanted to tell his wife he was unharmed after fighting a San Diego blaze. So, he took a selfie.

The photo shows a cheery Bergon lying on the ground with his colleagues, exhausted after successfully containing a serious wildfire.

Bergon’s wife passed the sweet image onto her friend, local restaurant owner Monica Calles, who then shared it on her business’s Facebook page with the caption “Thank you!!!”.

Four days later and the image has accumulated over 35,000 likes, with many Facebook users commenting on the photo to celebrate firefighters for their work.

“We were kind of shocked at how people responded honestly,” Calles told CBS News. “When you see how exhausted they are, it just makes you really really grateful.”

“I think the word everybody was thinking is, ‘thank you, thank you’, you can’t really say thank you enough.”