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Team winemaking success

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Winemaking Tasmania based at Cambridge has won a total of 67 trophies and medals at the Royal Hobart Wine Show.

The team, led by managing director Julian Alcorso makes wines for a number of vineyards across Tasmania.

At this year’s show the wines made by the company collected no less than 7 trophies and 13 gold medals for the various wines they make.

Julian Alcorso says his team of 4 winemakers are delighted at the results but says they can only work with the grapes delivered from the vineyards around the state, and the results prove the fruit is great quality.

He says this is a golden era for Tasmania when it comes to wine and the state must concentrate on the top end of the market as it can’t compete in the discount end.

Julian Alcorso believes the irrigation projects being rolled out in Tasmania will see a big expansion of the wine industry and says the East Coast is where a large amount of the expansion will occur.

He says the industry must control tightly the expansion and does not want to see the bigger companies come in and take the juice elsewhere for processing.