News Good News Injured pelican Poseidon gets new home at Adelaide Zoo

Injured pelican Poseidon gets new home at Adelaide Zoo

Pelican has a new pond to call home
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One of two pelicans found entangled in fishing line near Hindmarsh Island back in September will now live at Adelaide Zoo.

The other pelican died and the survivor needed a wing amputated.

Keepers have named the pelican Poseidon, after the Greek mythological god of the sea.

Zoo veterinarian David McLelland said the bird was not fit enough for any return to the wild so would now have a pond at the zoo as its home.

“We managed it in hospital for several weeks to enable that wound to heal adequately,” he said.

“It adapted really well to captivity, started feeding from us really quickly and subsequently has gone into our pelican group here and has fitted in really well.

“This pelican is a lucky one in that it was able to find a home in captivity, but a lot of the animals that get entangled have too severe injuries and require euthanasia.”