News Election 2019 Coalition secures majority government

Coalition secures majority government

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Mr Morrison has had three significant pay rises in a year. Photo: Getty
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The ABC election computer is predicting the Coalition has secured majority government with at least 77 seats, as the Liberals appear set to secure Bass, Chisholm, Boothby and Wentworth.

Labor held Bass, while Wentworth and Chisholm were in the hands of independents Kerryn Phelps and Julia Banks prior to the election.

“As far as I’m concerned on the numbers to come Bass will be the 76th seat. Postals and absent votes favour the Coalition in Bass and they’re already ahead,” ABC chief elections analyst Antony Green said.

“At some time today Bass will tick over to become the 76th seat, delivering the Government majority.”

Green said he expected Chisholm would become the 77th seat, with Boothby and Wentworth already in the Liberal count.

“The Coalition have a certain 75,” Green said.

“Bass will be 76 and Chisholm looks likely to be 77 and 78 is a possibility with Macquarie, but that is in doubt.”

Liberal candidate Dave Sharma had been locked in a nail-biting, too-close-to-call contest with incumbent MP Ms Phelps for the second time in just seven months in Wentworth.

But this time Mr Sharma looks to have prevailed in the seat once held by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, reclaiming it for the Liberals with a 16.6 per cent swing against Dr Phelps.

In the South Australian seat of Boothby, Liberal candidate Nicolle Flint held off a 1.5 per cent swing against the Coalition to edge Labor’s Nadia Clancy.

Of the seats in doubt, Labor is ahead in Cowan, Lilley and Macquarie — three seats it currently holds.

With 84 per cent counted, Macquarie is the closest of those races, with Labor leading by about 300 votes.