News Election 2019 Election night 2019: The evening in quotes

Election night 2019: The evening in quotes

Julie Bishop appeared on the Nine Network where she provided commentary throughout the evening. Photo: Twitter
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As the Liberal Party celebrated a win few people thought possible, The New Daily took a look at some of the quotes that made election eve, from the victorious, to the shocked … and the downright disheartened.

How good is Australia … how good are Australians.”
– Prime Minister Scott Morrison in his victory speech
I know that you’re all hurting, and I am too … it is obvious that Labor will not form the next government … I will not be a candidate in the next Labor leadership ballot.”
– Opposition Leader Bill Shorten concedes
I have always believed in miracles.”
– Prime Minister Scott Morrison celebrates
I wish we could have done it for Bob, but it was not to be. Labor’s next victory will be for our next leader and I’m confident victory will come at the next election.”
– Bill Shorten regrets the result failed to honour the memory of Bob Hawke
This is the sweetest victory of all.”
– Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton on keeping his seat
The Labor Party looks as if it may have lost the unloseable election.”
Former senator Sam Dastyari
Leigh Sales: Do you have any idea why the polls haven’t been reliable on this occasion? Barrie Cassidy: None.”
– Journalists Barrie Cassidy and Leigh Sales ponder how the polls got it so wrong
It’s clear Scott Morrison has been returned as Prime Minister and he’s only done so because of the 3.5 per cent of the vote of the United Australia Party.”
United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer has a theory on why the Coalition won
Scott Morrison has made himself into an instant liberal hero … this is just astonishing.”
Commentator Andrew Bolt as the election was called
I accept there are good days and bad days and I’m not going to let one bad day spoil 25 years … If we continue to have good steady government in Canberra, the loss of the seat of Warringah is a small price to pay.”
Former prime minister Tony Abbott on losing his seat of Warringah
Whilst I have disagreed with pretty much – most, almost everything he’s done in public life, um, you know, I would acknowledge the service of someone who has been in the Parliament for 25 years.”
Senator Penny Wong cuts Tony Abbott some slack
I did believe very strongly that Bill Shorten had overplayed his hand on the class warfare stuff. Australians believe in egalitarianism. They reject the politics of class division.”
Former prime minister John Howard analyses the outcome
I thought the pendulum had swung, I thought the young vote and climate change would carry the vote. It hasn’t.”
Former premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett was shocked by the results
All those Adani protestors – you lost suckers.”
Commentator Andrew Bolt on this being the 'climate change' election
Fraser Anning goes back to where he came from … he won’t be in the Parliament.”
Political analyst Antony Green on Fraser Anning's election result
Bill brought stability to the Labor Party but he still had the baggage of being the guy who knifed two prime ministers – Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd – and that hung around him.”
Former minister for foreign affairs Julie Bishop dissects Labor's loss
They are not going to tell a pollster honestly where their vote is going … it happened with Brexit, with Trump and it’s a new phenomenon, sadly, with how we treat the everyday voter.”
Sky commentator Peta Credlin on the silent majority and why the polls did not reflect the result