News Election 2019 Campaign diary: A second leadership debate

Campaign diary: A second leadership debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: AAP
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We are now less than two weeks away from heading to the polls.

With that in mind a Weekend West poll shows that voters in three of Western Australia’s most marginal electorates overwhelmingly think it is more important for a future government to do something about climate change rather than knowing the full cost of the policy before an election.

Where were our leaders?

On Saturday our leaders were both in the Queensland capital of Brisbane.

Promises … promises

Liberal: Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a $100 million funding package to improve cancer and mental health services in South-west Queensland.

Mr Morrison also pledged to invest in more hospital infrastructure.

Mr Morrison holds baby Georgie at Windaroo, 40km south of Brisbane. Photo: AAP

Labor: The ALP outlined a $1 billion package for environmental initiatives, including measures to protect native animals and reduce Australia’s dependance on single-use plastics.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten at the Allan Border Field in Brisbane. Photo: AAP

Quotes from the road

“Scott Morrison had aggression. Quite frankly, it was not pretty.”
Labor Senator Kristina Keneally on Mr Morrison’s performance during his debate with Mr Shorten

“There are just too many young people dying.”
Mr Morrison on youth suicide after announcing a $100 million package 

“I just don’t want my children to come and see flora and fauna. I want their children to come and see it and future generations to see what makes Australia so special.”
Mr Shorten after announcing a $100 million plan to protect native species

Elsewhere on the campaign trail

Second Debate: Mr Shorten narrowly won the second leaders’ debate in Brisbane, where discussion centred on domestic violence, taxes, religious freedom, mental health, education, budget surpluses and climate change.

Watch the video below for some good viewing …

Greens climate change push: The Greens are asking for Parliament to declare a national “climate emergency”, matching the actions of the UK Parliament.

Canberra candidate citizenship: Mr Morrison dismissed concerns about the eligibility of his Canberra candidate over her Afghan citizenship, saying he has been assured Mina Zaki has all the necessary paperwork.

Concern emerged on Saturday after it was revealed that her renunciation of citizenship may not have been complete.

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