News Election 2016 Did Sam and Kochie help Pauline get elected?

Did Sam and Kochie help Pauline get elected?

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Pauline Hanson was given an avenue to mainstream media, with regular appearances on the breakfast show Sunrise in the lead up to the election.

And the morning show has admitted to paying the One Nation leader to routinely appear on the highly popular program, reported.

The controversial Queenslander hit Australian screens months before Saturday’s election, before securing two Senate seats in Queensland and potentially two more in New South Wales and Western Australia.

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But the question must be whether her appearances with David Koch and Sam Armytage helped her cause.

Michael Pell, the executive producer at Sunrise, told there was nothing strange about Ms Hanson’s long-running sightings on brekky TV.

“Pauline is one of a number of paid regular commentators on Sunrise,” he said.

“She does not appear alone, but rather with other commentators, to canvass a range of views on the main news topics of the day.”

She’s appeared numerous times on the Seven Network program since announcing her return to politics, talking a range of topics from vaccinations to the housing crisis and private health cover.

She was seen later in June calling anti-racism protesters “disgraceful” and told people to “toughen up” if they were offended by Eddie McGuire’s comments about journalist Caroline Wilson.

Even days before the election, Ms Hanson joined the “Human Headline” Derryn Hinch for a segment about flag-burners at her campaign launch.

But whether or not her direct line into Australian living rooms helped her cause, her controversial comments continue to spark uproar.

“People of Australia don’t want more Muslim refugees in Australia who may be ISIS plants,” she said on Today, Seven’s program that follows Sunrise after the Paris attacks in November.

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