News Election 2016 AEC has it wrong, says analyst Antony Green

AEC has it wrong, says analyst Antony Green

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The Australian Electoral Commission’s website seat tallies are wrong and causing confusion, according to Australia’s leading election analyst Antony Green.

Mr Green has told ABC 24 that there were six seats not included in the AEC totals, but six of which were clearly won by either of the two major parties, causing widespread confusion.

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“There’s a lot of confusion about how many seats each party has won and a lot of it is coming from the Electoral Commission’s website, which if you go to it says Labor has 71 seats and the Coalition has 67,” he told the ABC.

“That’s not right. It’s just not right. There are six seats on the Electoral Commission’s website, which are not included in their totals. Five of them have been safely won by the Coalition, one of them has been safely won by the Labor Party and they’re not included in the totals.”

The seats include Sydney’s Grayndler, which has already been claimed by Labor’s Anthony Albanese, as well as Barker in South Australia, Cowper in New South Wales, Higgins in Victoria and Western Australian seats of Durack and O’Connor.

If included, these seats would bring the standing to 72 seats each for Labor and the Coalition.

Mr Green argues that there are still 10 seats in doubt and is forecasting the Coalition will win anywhere between 73 and 75 seats and five for independents and minor parties. But the Coalition would need to win 76 seats to form a majority government.

Mr Green said he expected the numbers would change as counting continued. He repeatedly said at the weekend that he expected the Coalition to pick up seats from postal votes, which traditionally favour the Coalition.

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