News Election 2016 This is what the major parties are promising

This is what the major parties are promising

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The Prime Minister says this is an election about jobs and growth, a la George W Bush in 2003.

The Labor leader says voters have a chance to stop cuts to Medicare. His mantra is ‘Putting People First’ — which happens to be the slogan of Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

Sharp tactics, dirty tricks
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Coalition seizes on Brexit

The Greens insist it’s time to ‘ditch the Coles and Woolies of politics’ and give more power to a third force, a slogan they seem to have pinched from Nick Xenophon.

Ultimately, Saturday’s election will not be decided on the, perhaps unimaginative, slogans and issues cobbled together by the major parties.

The choice of Australians will reflect what they care deepest about. It will be a very personal decision between a voter, their ballot and their conscience.

For that reason, The New Daily has compiled a guide to what exactly the ALP, LNP and Greens are promising. Hopefully it helps you make an informed decision based on what you think Canberra should focus on.

Select a policy area to compare each party

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