News Election 2016 Bill … err … Malcolm is very caring, says Cormann

Bill … err … Malcolm is very caring, says Cormann

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Opinion polls suggest many voters have yet to connect to the election campaign.

Some don’t even know the difference between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, let alone their policies.

But it comes to something when a key minister muddles the two up.

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In his daily morning media conference as coalition campaign spokesman Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was asked to compare the two.

“Bill Shorten is very caring and very much in touch,” Senator Cormann replied.

“Bill Shorten every single day is promoting our national economic plan for jobs and growth which of course is exactly what Australia needs.”

It was a rare mistake for someone who is always so careful with his responses.

“I guess Senator Cormann officially terminated Mr Turnbull’s scare campaign,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne of someone who is jokingly compared with Terminator star Arnie Schwarzenegger because of his Germanic accent.

See Mr Cormann’s trainwreck press conference here:


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