News Election 2016 Shorten: Libs set for ‘civil war’

Shorten: Libs set for ‘civil war’

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Bill Shorten has accused the Liberal Party of gearing up for a ‘civil war’ that will be played out after the election.

The Opposition Leader has declared Labor is ready to fight an ‘education election’, while the Liberals are preparing for an internal battle.

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“We know they’re going to have that fight. Let’s all make them have it from opposition,” he told reporters in Sydney on Saturday.

Turnbull election campaign
Mr Shorten says he thought Mr Turnbull would lead a better government than his predecessor. AAP

Mr Shorten admitted he had thought Mr Turnbull would lead a better government than Tony Abbott but says “he’s proven to be a massive disappointment”.

He accused the coalition of viewing education as a cost instead of “an investment in every Australian’s future”.

“I want to put an end to the education wars once and for all,” he told the NSW Teachers Federation earlier in Sydney.

“We will fight this as an education election. We will put the funding on the table to make sure every teacher in Australia gets the recognition and the support to back up what they do every day.”

He has promised to implement full Gonski funding if Labor is successful on the predicted poll date of July 2.

“Who do you trust to properly fund education?” he asked.

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