News Crime Rapist Mohammed Skaf walks from prison

Rapist Mohammed Skaf walks from prison

mohammed skaf
Mohammed Skaf (centre) is released on parole from the Long Bay Correctional facility in Sydney. Photo: AAP
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Notorious Sydney gang rapist Mohammed Skaf has walked out of prison on parole after serving 21 years for a series of rapes in Sydney in 2000.

Skaf, now 38, left Long Bay jail after 10am on Wednesday, Corrective Services NSW confirmed, and is believed to be heading to his family home.

He is under strict parole conditions, including mandatory electronic monitoring, ongoing psychological treatment and a ban on travelling to the council areas of Liverpool, Fairfield, Blacktown and Parramatta.

The State Parole Authority said parole was the best option for Skaf because freeing him at the end of his 23-year sentence in early 2024 – without conditions – would have posed an unacceptable risk.

“This is the only opportunity to supervise a safe transition into the community in the small window of time that we have left,” SPA Chairman David Frearson SC said in a statement.

Skaf first became eligible for parole in 2018 but was refused several times.

A parole hearing in August heard he continues to blame his victims and remains “a denier after all these years”, even after completing a sex offenders’ program.

At 17, Skaf and another 14 members of his gang, including the ringleader – his brother, Bilal – were responsible for six rapes in 2000.

They lured teenage girls away from public places with the promise of smoking marijuana.

Some were then held and repeatedly sexually assaulted.

The parole order applies until January 2024 and obliges Skaf to submit a schedule of his plans and proposed activities to NSW Corrections authorities for approval.