News Crime Fiancee of rapper killed with samurai sword unleashes at offenders in court

Fiancee of rapper killed with samurai sword unleashes at offenders in court

samurai sword
Blake Davis (right) was found guilty of manslaughter and Hannah Quinn of being an accessory. Photo: AAP
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The fiancee of a Sydney man who was killed after breaking into someone’s home has unleashed on his attacker in court, saying he had “villainised” her former partner.

Blake Davis, 31, was found guilty by a jury of manslaughter in 2020 over the August 2018 death of Jett McKee.

The 30-year-old rapper threatened Davis and his girlfriend Hannah Quinn with a fake gun in their inner-Sydney granny flat before Davis cracked his skull with a samurai sword in the street.

Davis and Quinn argued self-defence during their trial.

Quinn, 26, was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.

During the sentencing hearing in the NSW Supreme Court, Mr McKee’s fiance Averil Bowers stared down her partner’s attackers and told them they had “shockingly and absurdly” portrayed themselves as victims.

Ms Bowers condemned what she saw as the offenders’ lack of remorse.

“The life you cut down in such a cowardly way was more than you will ever be,” she said.

“I feel that you have used every tactic at your disposal to vindicate yourself while villainising Jett.”

samurai sword
Averil Bowers said her fiancee, Jett McKee, was “cut down in such a cowardly way”. Photo: Facebook

Ms Bowers also described the pain of giving birth to their son and raising him alone.

She addressed Davis directly and said she refused to play into his “guilty pretence” by reading his letter of apology.

“You have stolen his life, but not his memory or the love we feel for him,” Ms Bowers said.

Davis told the court he would “never comprehend the pain you’ve gone through”.

“I don’t expect you to accept my apology and I don’t expect you to take on board what I’m saying right now … but I do from the bottom of my heart apologise,” he said.

Davis described losing a part of himself because of the “nightmare” that had “shattered so many people’s lives”.

“I definitely died emotionally, and I won’t be the same person,” he said in a shaky voice.

He told the court his only intention was to save Quinn.

In 2020, jurors heard knuckle dusters were also used in the home invasion and that Mr McKee, who threatened to kill Davis and Quinn’s families, had toxic levels of the drug ice in his system.

Mr McKee may have targeted the home because he knew the two were allegedly dealing drugs, the court heard.

samurai sword
Hip-hop artist Jett McKee, known as Scepaz, was killed after a botched robbery attempt. Photo: Supplied

After the death, Davis and Quinn spent days in hotels before handing themselves into police.

Mr McKee’s father Joseph said his son had struggled with addiction.

“I cannot condone what Jett did and I was shocked,” he said.

“I would have been angry with him. However, I would have wanted and expected him to face the consequences of his actions.”

Mr McKee snr said he was haunted by images of seeing his son’s body in the morgue.