News Coronavirus Brett Sutton is all Victorians on day one of the state’s fourth lockdown

Brett Sutton is all Victorians on day one of the state’s fourth lockdown

The chief health minister wore a hoodie to Friday's media briefing. Photo: AAP/TND
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Victorians have weathered the storm of three lockdowns, including one in Melbourne that lasted more than 100 days.

They’re a resilient bunch, but the announcement of a fourth would be enough to tip anyone into semi-despair.

Or at the very least, inspire a wardrobe change. With schools and workplaces closed for at least seven days, slipping into something more comfortable has never been more literal.

In past lockdown announcements, a running joke was to look for indications of good or bad news by studying  the attire of state Premier Daniel Andrews.

His clothing earned a cult following in 2020 as the state endured weeks of lockdown during its second wave. Would he wear a suit? Or would it be the famous North Face jacket?

It was said that if Mr Andrews wore a suit and tie, you could kiss your weekend plans goodbye.

But if he showed up to the press conference in his North Face jacket, a collective sigh of relief was felt around the state before he even started to speak.

Mr Andrews has since been benched by a horrific back injury, and is by all accounts recovering well.

But in his absence, lockdown-weary Victorians contemplating days at home without the guidance of their injured Premier might have found a replacement.

Victoria’s chief health officer appeared to personify many of the state’s approximately six million residents when he turned out for a media briefing on Friday.

Victoria’s chief health officer dressed in a hoodie for Friday’s media briefing. Photo: AAP

There was chatter on social media, with some (our editor) wondering why Mr Sutton didn’t put in a little more “effort for the telly”.

But, when the news was positive – only four new cases of coronavirus had been recorded overnight – some speculated that the hoodie was a signal.

In any case, Mr Sutton’s slightly more relaxed appearance has apparently not dissuaded his true fans. After all, this is the man whose face inspired a line of merchandise in 2020.