News Coronavirus The new coronavirus-inspired fashion item coming out of Japan

The new coronavirus-inspired fashion item coming out of Japan

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From frilly collars and corsets to top hats and neckties, popular fashion trends typically reflect a time in history.

So it’s little wonder the coronavirus pandemic – a once-in-a-lifetime event – has led to the creation of the working-from-home pyjama suit.

That’s right.

A suit made out of the same fabric as pyjamas, from its cut to the buttons on the sleeves, that is perfect for virtual meetings at home.

And they’re gaining popularity in Japan.

Described as “business on the top, loungewear on the bottom”, Japanese company Whatever Inc’s ‘WFH Jammies’ are selling for 9900 yen ($120).

The WFH jammies are available in three colour variations. Photo: Whatever Inc

The top half of the garment (the part visible to your colleagues on a screen) resembles a crisp, collared shirt. The bottom half is a darker colour and resembles a sweatshirt.

“With this, you’ll be able to attend a presentation right after you wake up, or a client meeting before you go to bed, while looking serious on video and staying super relaxed at the same time,” the website reads.

“Please try it on, and experience a comfortable remote work lifestyle.”

Aoki, a men’s suit retailer in Japan, has also turned its attention to the pyjama suit.

The ensemble sells for 14,354 yen ($174), and is available in a muted colour palette for men and women.