News Coronavirus Coronavirus pandemic: What do you want to know?

Coronavirus pandemic: What do you want to know?

What would you ask Australia's best medical officials about coronavirus? Photo: Getty
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Last week we kicked off a series asking TND readers what you wanted to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

Something like 1000 questions poured in within a day.

We sent your questions to some of Australia’s best and brightest medical professionals.

They answered, and gave advice about travel and socialising, how the virus works and how to properly enact social distancing. 

The situation is evolving quickly – and understandably it is bringing with it a lot of confusion – so we’re giving readers another opportunity to submit questions.

Anything you’re confused about? Something you’re too shy to ask elsewhere?

Let us know here and we’ll get the experts to address the concerns.

The answers will be published in the TND morning coronavirus briefing this week.

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