News Advisor Watch this rabbit hop an avalanche like it’s nothing

Watch this rabbit hop an avalanche like it’s nothing

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When a mountainside-worth of snow and ice hurtles toward you, running away is the chance of only escape — unless you’re a snow rabbit.

In a video uploaded this week by Russian tourist company Helipro, a tiny white mammal can be seen leaping into the path of an avalanche, just after a snowboarder wisely swerved away.

Just why did the rabbit chose to hop, skip and jump his way across this wall of death? To get to the other side of the mountain, of course.

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Those concerned about the animal’s welfare can rest easy. After a chaotic head start, in which the bunny literally face plants into the snow, the little guy rights himself and cruises across to safety.

“He survived and has a beautiful life in Kamchatka!” said the Russian company below the video, referring to a peninsula in the country’s far east.

Like everything in Russia, they clearly breed their rabbits tough.

We have no idea if rabbits can swim, but, as this video confirms, they sure can surf.

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