News Popular PM Anthony Albanese lifts Labor to 56-44 lead in latest Newspoll

Popular PM Anthony Albanese lifts Labor to 56-44 lead in latest Newspoll

Anthony Albanese enjoys spiking Newspoll figures

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Anthony Albanese has recorded the highest satisfaction rating for an incoming prime minister in the first post-election Newspoll released on Sunday night.

Surveying 1508 voters throughout Australia between July 27 and July 30, the exclusive poll conducted for The Australian newspaper showed Mr Albanese achieving a 61 per cent rating that surpassed that of Kevin Rudd (59 per cent) in 2007.

In comparison, Scott Morrison recorded a satisfaction rating of 51 per cent immediately after the 2019 election, while John Howard and Bob Hawke achieved ratings in the high-50s.

Despite facing a fuel and inflation crisis in its first two months in ­office, Labor’s primary vote lifted almost five points on its election result –jumping from 32.6 per cent to 37 per cent – as support for the Coalition dropped almost three points to 33 per cent.

When represented in terms of two-party-preferred support, Labor has extended its election-day success (52.1 per cent to 47.9 per cent) to 56-44.

This equates to the lowest primary vote for the Liberals/Nationals Coalition since its leadership changed from Malcolm Turnbull to Mr Morrison in 2018.

Peter Dutton
Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has plenty of ground to gain.

Mr Albanese also recorded the largest margin as a preferred PM since 2008 with a 59-25 lead over new Liberal leader Peter Dutton.

The Opposition Leader had a satisfaction rating of 37 per cent, but it  was countered by a dissatisfaction rating of 41 per cent.

Combined support for the minor parties and independents remained high at 30 per cent.

The Greens slipped slightly from 12.2 per cent on election day to 12 per cent, while Pauline Hanson’s One Nation lifted a point to 6 per cent.

But Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party was the biggest loser of the latest Newspoll, dropping from 4.1 per cent on polling day to just 2 per cent.

Other minor parties, dominated by the community-based ‘teal’ independents, have remained steady at 10 per cent.