News UK minister says AUKUS pact controversy overhyped

UK minister says AUKUS pact controversy overhyped

UK armed forces minister James Heappey says there's been an "overhyping" of controversy over AUKUS. Photo: AP
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Britain’s Armed Forces Minister James Heappey says there has been an “overhyping” of controversy over a new trilateral security pact between Australia, the United States and Britain.

The alliance, known as AUKUS, will see Australia acquiring technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines and is widely seen as a response to Chinese militarisation in the region, particularly in the strategically important South China Sea.

The plan has divided south-east Asian countries, with Indonesia and Malaysia warning that it could lead to an arms race among rival superpowers.

The Philippines, a US defence ally, has backed the pact

China has said the AUKUS plan risks severely damaging regional peace and stability.

The alliance has also sparked a row with France, after Australia backed out of a submarine deal with Paris in favour of AUKUS.

Mr Heappey said AUKUS was not intended to challenge others, saying Australia had simply made a decision to join a long-standing technology-sharing partnership between Britain and the United States.

“There has been a lot of, sort of overhyping of AUKUS,” he told reporters at a Kuala Lumpur event celebrating the 50th anniversary of a five-way defence pact between Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

“It doesn’t in any way reflect any sort of reduction in our friendship with our great colleagues and allies in Paris. It doesn’t in any way represent a challenge in your part of the world.”

Peter Dutton said AUKUS will not change Australia’s security strategy.

At the same event, Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton said AUKUS would not change the country’s security strategy going forward, but will allow it to ensure it remains a reliable partner in the region.

“We’re not somebody who interferes with the operations of other nations. We are a country which is forthright, and we love providing peace in our region, and that’s at the centre of our friendship here,” he said.