News ‘Special milestone’: Opening Ceremony uniforms a nod to our ‘rich’ Olympic history

‘Special milestone’: Opening Ceremony uniforms a nod to our ‘rich’ Olympic history

Receiving the uniforms has been described as a 'cherished moment' for our athletes. Photo: Twitter
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The opening ceremony uniforms that the Australian Olympic team will wear in Tokyo give a nod to all of our gold medal winners.

On Tuesday morning, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) unveiled what the 480 athletes will wear to the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony kicking off on July 23.

Despite an accent on lots of white and pale colours, and the traditional theme of green and gold, the names of all 320 of Australia’s Olympic gold medalists are featured inside the Sportscraft-designed jackets.

“It’s a remarkable list of Australian champions, and a reminder of our rich Olympic history,” AOC Vice President Ian Chesterman said.

“After the challenges athletes have faced in making it to the Games, putting on this uniform will be a special milestone for the Australian Olympic Team members,” he said.

Dual Olympic medallist Jess Fox said wearing the Sportscraft uniform helped connect to Australia’s Olympic past and provide inspiration.

“It’s so special to wear a jacket that has the name of every Australian Olympic champion written on the lining, From Edwin Flack right through” Fox said.

“They’re on your back, I feel like they’ve got my back – all of us that get a chance to wear this jacket are carrying on the Australian legacy.”

“It also then stokes our own dream and that desire to have our own names etched there for future Olympic generations.”


“I’m sure, as this team pulls on the jacket with all those names inside, they’ll be further inspired to produce their best in Tokyo.”

Canoeist Jess Fox said she and her team are honoured to recognise the past champions.

“It’s very special to walk out and have that on your shoulders and know the Australian legacy, know who has come before you and inspire the next generation,” she said.

The athletes showed off their attire in a video posted by the Australian Olympic team.

“Once an Olympian, always an Olympian,” Mr Chesterman said.

“It’s a rare and special achievement, and I think receiving the formal uniform is a cherished moment for those athletes as part of their Olympic journey.

“In Tokyo we are expecting around 480 athletes will wear this uniform with incredible pride.

“I’ve been around our athletes this morning and I’ve seen how excited they are to wear it.”

The AOC said Sportscraft worked closely with athletes and the committee for more than two years to design the uniforms, “ensuring that the look not only reflects our Australian heritage and lifestyle, but that form and functionality was a key consideration”.

“The design process was inspired by the electric lights, vibrant colours and bustling atmosphere synonymous with Tokyo,” a statement read on the AOC’s official website.

“The hero piece is the tailored, bespoke blazer which features the names of the 320 Australian Olympic Gold medallists in the jacket lining.