News Ivanka Trump faces backlash over Memorial Day tip to make champagne popsicles

Ivanka Trump faces backlash over Memorial Day tip to make champagne popsicles

Ivanka Trump champagne popsicle
Ivanka Trump demonstrates the princess flick. Source: Getty
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President Donald Trump’s daughter is facing criticism after her lifestyle brand used the reverence of the United States’ Memorial Day as “the kickoff to summer” and recommended people celebrate with champagne popsicles.

Ivanka Trump’s brand published tips for the public holiday, which commemorates servicemen who’ve lost their lives.

“Memorial Day, it’s the kickoff to summer,” the website reads.

“Turn the music up – it’s a three-day weekend.”

Ms Trump’s brand suggested readers “have a picnic”, “wear all white”, “blast some tunes” and “cap the night off with a champagne popsicle”.

Ms Trump, one of her father’s political advisers, copped a backlash on social media for appearing to make light of what is widely regarded as a day for reverence and commemoration, not revelry and celebration.

One woman responded by sharing a photo of her father in Vietnam.

“My dad was a gunner in Vietnam and had to clean the blood of his dead friends out of the chopper. #NoChampagnePopsicles,” the woman wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “No kidding. My father did not take a grenade & lose an eye on Saipan for freaking champagne popsicles.”

The Trump family empire includes a stake in the sparkling wine market with its Trump Winery products, it was pointed out on Twitter.

Ms Trump kept to the tone of Memorial Day on her personal, verified Twitter account.

“Today we honour the men & women in our armed forces who have lost their lives to protect our freedom. Thank you for your service #Memorial Day,” Ms Trump wrote.

The President, meanwhile, said Memorial Day was to “remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving”.

“Home of the free, because of the brave. #MemorialDay,” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.

A veterans support group, Vote Vets, fired back at what it saw as a tin-eared tweet.

“What exactly are you celebrating @IvankaTrumpHQ?” the group posted on its Twitter feed.

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