Money Your Budget Get ready for biggest ever online shopping frenzy

Get ready for biggest ever online shopping frenzy

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On the 12th of the 12th, just before midnight, the web'll go crazy, eBay says. Photo: Getty
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A huge day of online shopping, possibly the biggest in Australian history, is coming up next week, according to industry forecasts.

eBay Australia predicted that Monday night, December 12 will be the website’s busiest sales day of the year, despite how close it is to Christmas.

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Massive amounts of pet-related products will be purchased, Ebay predicts. Photo: Getty

The online auction house projected that shoppers may break the website’s previous records, set in December 2015 and 2014, by purchasing an average of 11 gifts per second.

Desktop purchases will go into hyperdrive between 8pm and 9pm, and mobile purchases between 9pm and 10pm, the company said.

This year’s busiest day for eBay is a full week later than in previous years. Better delivery options explain the late rush.

“This appears to be a real tipping point in the way Australian’s shop in the lead up to Christmas,” eBay Australia spokesman Steve Brennen said in a statement.

Australians are expected to buy: a piece of jewellery or a health and beauty item every three seconds, something for a pet every 10 seconds, and a Pokémon item every 16 seconds.

They’ll also buy a Star Wars item every 33 seconds, a smart watch every 50 seconds, an Apple product every 55 seconds, and a pool inflatable every 90 seconds, according to eBay.

It predicted the top-spending postcodes on the frenzied night will be Campbelltown and Liverpool in NSW, Truganina and Werribee in Victoria, and Mackay and Toowoomba in Queensland.

Or will it be December 13?

While this is expected to be eBay’s biggest day, it may not be the craziest online shop for the entire nation. According to other experts, the national peak will actually be one day later, on Tuesday, December 13.

Super merger.
Australians and New Zealanders combined will spend $236 million on December 13, Adobe predicts. Photo: Getty

That’s the prediction of software company Adobe Australia, which said online shopping would peak in Australia and New Zealand on that night.

The citizens of both countries will spend a combined total of $236 million or $9.50 per internet user during the bonanza, Adobe said.

It based its prediction on a survey of just over 800 internet users in both countries, and said the surge was partly explained by the rising popularity of smartphone and tablet purchases.

“This data speaks plainly – the future of Christmas shopping is online, and it’s increasingly mobile. In fact, in Australia and New Zealand, retail is one of the leading sectors for smartphone traffic and one of the fastest growing sectors for average mobile conversion year-on-year growth,” Adobe Australia spokesman Chris Skelton said in a statement.

“More and more, Australian consumers have no need to push through the crowds at busy brick and mortar stores, as they are aware that better deals, a wider selection of products and cheap home delivery are all available from the device in their pocket.”

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